Terms & Conditions

1. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

2. The advertised figure of £2,500 per accident is calculated on the following: there being five adults in a vehicle; the vehicle being involved in a non-fault accident; all five occupants being injured with injuries that are lasting longer than three months; is subject to us and our authorised agents dealing exclusively on the client’s behalf in the recovery of all costs.

3. Where an individual decides to take us up on our offer, the £500 will be paid with the understanding that, upon settlement of their injury claim, they will pay us £500 plus VAT or 20% plus VAT of their injury claim, whichever is the greater of the two. 

4. You are only eligible for the offer once you have signed up with our appointed solicitors, you are out-with the cooling off period with said solicitor and you have successfully attended a medical examination whereby the doctor has assessed that you are genuinely injured. 

5. In the event that any individual, after accepting our introductory payment, decides to seek alternative representation or cancels, they will be required to meet all our costs, including: the £500 advance fee; interest charged on that £500 at a rate of 4% per day; any engineer’s fees; doctor’s fees; hire, storage and repair fees; all subject to our interest rate of 4% per day, and any other costs we have incurred in the pursual of your claim. 

6. Where any individual has misinformed us, acted fraudulently, or deliberately misleads us we will seek to pursue all our costs from that individual plus interest at a rate of 4% per day. We will also inform all relevant insurance parties, and the police if necessary.

7. Eligibility for this offer does not automatically entitle you to be accepted for the offer. The offer is at the discretion of the management and there is no obligation to provide this offer to all or any individual. 

8. All cases are reviewed on an individual basis and will be reviewed on their individual merits. Cases will be dealt with accordingly. Management reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer to any individual at any given time without any notice required. 

9. Individuals may be subject to a credit check to be eligible for this offer. 

10. This is not an exhaustive list of terms and conditions. For full terms and conditions please contact our office at 17 Scotland Street, Glasgow, G5 8NB, or on 0141 237 7970

If, in any instance, we feel someone is making a fraudulent claim, we will work closely with insurance companies, police, and authorities to ensure no fraudulent activity takes place. We will support any investigations relating to fraudulent terms and offer our full support to all of the relevant authorities.


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